About Music

Music Mistroo = Welcome to my Music Blog. My name is Kevin and I will be your host here. I love MUSIC and never get tried of it. I listen to all kinds of music. And very happy to share my blog with all of you. I will be talking about and playing videos of all kinds. Right now I’m a over the road truck driver with XM radio so I have time to listen to all kinds of channels on the radio. I drive a truck to pay my bills lol. I hope everybody enjoys this blog and come back to it when ever you like. And I can even do request if you let me know want song you would like me to do. But like I said I love all music. classic rock rock n roll pop blues jazz and county. So if I can ever help you with any thing just ask. So thanks for stopping by have a seat and enjoy my blog.

And for any one that does not have a itunes or youtube account you can click on them here and start a free account real easy. I love using iTunes and youtube. They are so easy to use any one can and does use those two websites. I use youtube a lot because so many people do great videos that I can learn from. Its amazing how much information you can learn from youtube.So for listening to a song or just trying to learn about some thing try out youtube. Personally I don’t use iTunes a lot cause they make you pay for songs as in to download a song. i’m not one to download songs I just listen to the XM radio all day and night.So that saying kick back and enjoy my blog and have a great day. And God Bless


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